Dancing for the fun of it!

Recreational Classes


Our program will enhance the dancers ability to perform with style and showmanship in a fun and nurturing atmosphere.  We emphasize correct terminology, technique, and great training. It is designed for beginning to advanced dancers ages 3 years and older, who want to experience dance in a friendly, non-competitive environment.  Most students in this program attend class one - three times a week and participate in classes consisting of ballet, hip hop, and jazz.  Class lesson plans are structured with age appropriate choreography and music, but class participation allows for lots of fun and self expression.  These classes are first divided by age, then by skill level.  This provides classmates with approximately the same mental and physical maturity as your child and helps to nurture friendships that can last for years.


If you are considering enrolling your child in a class providing maximum exposure to the dance arts with minimal time commitment and little expense, this would be your best choice. All students in our recreational program also participate in one or two Studio X productions or recitals per year.  Students are welcome to participate in other Studio X productions as well, but auditions are required.


Mini Movers, Ages 3-4

30 Minutes to 1 Hour of Class Per Week

Designed to use a wide range of dance genres and movement activities to allow the young dancer to familiarize themselves with body motion and coordination, the right and left sides of the body, tempo differences and the general mechanics of the dance classroom.


Intro to Ballet, Tap & Jazz, Ages 5-6

30 Minutes to 1.75 Hour of Class Per Week

These classes emphasize basic technique, musicality, stretching and learning choreography of Ballet, Tap and Jazz. Most importantly, we will ready the dancer for moving into our level I curriculum when the dancer is of appropriate age, technique and maturity.   


Hip Hop, Level I

1 Hour Class Per Week

Class consists of  introduction to hip-hop technique focusing on basic hip-hop steps, isolations and musicality.  Students will develop an appreciation of hip hop dance, build self-esteem in groove and dynamics and learn how to feel the rhythm.  This is one of the most popular classes at Studio X.


Hip Hop, Level II & III

1 Hour Class Per Week

Class consists of multiple styles within the hip hop genre such as Locking, Jazz-Funk, Lyrical Hip Hop, Street and House to broaden the dancers isolation, musical and groove skills.


Ballet Level I-IV, Ages 7 & Up  

1 Hour to 2.5 Hours of Class Per Week

Classes consists of ballet with emphasis on more technical studies as they develop further poise, balance and coordination.   Classes begin to place more emphasis on choreography, proper body placement, showmanship and style as they progress to higher levels.  Students will begin developing the strength, flexibility, stamina, coordination and discipline required to become a well-trained Ballet dancer.


Jazz Level I-IV, Ages 7 & Up

1 Hour Class Per Week

Level I introduces basic jazz steps and choreography combinations are introduced in a more disciplined classroom environment. Choreography and combinations are taught at a quicker pace and with greater technical skill as the student progresses through the levels.



30 mins to 1 Hour of Class Per Week

A class for the advanced and most serious Ballet dancers of Studio X, taking their Ballet technique onto pointe shoes.  This class requires teacher recommendation.



1 Hour Class Per Week

Derived from classical vocabulary and technique, Modern/Contemporary focuses on floor work, asymmetrical musicaltiy, off-center balancing, full-body fluidity, artistic expression and dynamic specificity. This class requires teacher recommendation.



1 Hour Class Per Week

Lyrical is taught to music with lyrics to inspire movements that express strong emotions.  Pulling from classical vocabulary, Lyrical/Contemporary forces developing technical proficiency, musicality, artistic expression and precise execution.  



1 Hour Class Per Week

Choreography, routines and combinations are not provided in this class, but rather structure and exercises to promote the dancers own creativity and choreography.  This class requires teacher approval.


Jumps & Turns:

1 Hour Class Per Week

A technique driven class focusing on fine tuning and expanding the skill level of jumps and turns.  This class requires teacher approval.


Stretch & Conditioning:

1 Hour Class Per Week

This class develops the dancers flexibility while building strength that is essential for a dancer's success.  












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