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November 2004 - Studio X opens it's doors in the 20th Ave Mall in with only 6 students.


December 2004 - Studio X presents it's first public performance "Joy!" in the Dakota Square Mall with 12 dancers.


February 2005 - Studio X makes it's first trip to Chicago, IL for the annual "Tremaine Dance Convention."


March 2005 - Studio X presents it's first full-length production "Beauty and the Beast...A Jazzed Up Fairytale."


April 2005 - Studio X attends it's first two dance competitions "Original Dance Challenge" & "Hollywood Vibe" taking top honors.


May 2005 - Studio X attends "Spotlight Dance Cup" for the first time in Bismarck, ND and are happy to finish in the top 4.


May 2005 - Studio X completes it's inagural season with it's spring production "Alive!" which introduces the senior company at "New Generation."


June 2005 - Studio X holds it's first Summer Dance Intensive with special guest Tanya Trombly of "Festival Ballet of Atlanta."


October 2005 - Studio X begins it's first full length season with "Kaledoscope" which premiers the addition of the "Next Generation Company featuring our Level II students, who at the time were 2 strong.


December 2005 - Studio X presents it's 2nd full-length production "An American Nutcracker."


February 2006 - Studio X makes it's 2nd and final trip to the "Tremaine Dance Convention" in Chicago, IL.  Studio X dancers Kori Haskins and Quinn C. Jaxon take 2nd place in the Senior Duo/Trio competition.  Quinn also recieves a Tremaine Scholarship.


March 2006 - Studio X attends Spotlight Dance Cup and New Generation sweeps the Senior Small Group Division.


April 2006 - Studio X attends "Showstoppers American Dance Championships" for the first time and takes top honors.


May 2006 - Studio X mounts it's 3rd full-length production "The Wizard of Jazz."


June 2006 - Studio X moves to it's current location at 119 South Main.  The moves provides Studio X with front access to Main Street, 2 bathrooms, and lots of much needed storage space.  The move also double the entire studio space.


June 2006 - Studio X makes it's first trip the "Spotlight Dance Cup Midwest National Finals" in Branson, MO and win their first national championship with "Fusion" which also wins Joshua his first national best choreography award.  "Metamorphosis" also takes 4th place overall.


August 2006 - Studio X holds auditions for the Generation Companies which adds "ADRENALINE & Pre Generation" to the already established groups "New Gen & Next Gen."  These auditions see the largest number of students ever on the companies with 18 dancers total.


October 2006 - Studio X hosts it's first dance intensive with special guest Joelle Martinec who also choreographs a routine for the "New Generation" company.


January 2007 - Studio X performs a 20 minute dance medley at the 2007 NDADD State Dance Championships at the Alerus Center in Grand Forks where they recieve a standing ovation by the entire arena.


April 2007 - Studio X attends Intl Dance Challenge in Bismarck, ND and sweeps the Senior Division.


May 2007 - Studio X attends Spotlight Dance Cup where they win the Senior Small Group Division, Sweep the Senior Small Group Division, and take 2nd-5th in the Senior Large Group divison.  Marking the studio's most successful Spotlight regional event to date.


May 2007 - Studio X presents "Heartstrings" a formal dinner theater at the Holiday Inn in honor of the first graduating seniors of Studio X Mckaya Schmit and Quinn C. Jaxon.  Night is filled with laughs, dancing, and lots of memories and tears.  Night proves to be especially emotional as graduating Senior Mckaya Schmit tore her ACL during the opening number of the show and was forced to watch instead of dance in her very own farewell show.  It was a roller coaster of a night and by the end of the evening there wasn't a dry eye in the house.


June 2007 - Studio X makes it's second trip to the "Spotlight Dance Cup Midwest National Finals" in Branson, MO and end up bringing home 3 national championship titles, a national choreography award (Joshua Wise for "2nd Law"), and the overall sweeps award with a perfect 100%.  Meaning all dances entered by Studio X received a diamond at the national finals.  National titles won were:  In the solo division Quinn C. Jaxon won the National Mr. Spotlight Title, in the senior duo/trio division Kayla Edwards & Quinn C. Jaxon won the title with "Come Into My Dreams."  In the senior small group division New Gen won it's 2nd consecutive national title with "Conundrum."  In addition New Generation also placed 2nd with "Dream of Me" choreographed by Joelle Martinec, 4th with "I Surrender," and 5th with "Work Me Down."


June 2007 - Generation Company auditions mark the addition of Generation Kids to the company line up for our youngest dancers.


November 2007 - Studio X presents "Joy!  A Time to Give" a benifit show for a local student with cancer.


December 2007 - Studio X attends "Jump!  The Alternative Convention" in Saint Paul and takes classes with the industry's biggest up and coming choreographers including:  Mandy Moore, Danny Tidwell, Dee Caspry, Nick Lazareni, and Gil Stroming.


January 2008 - Studio X attends "the pulse" in Minneapolis and takes class with the industries biggest names including:  Mia Michaels, Brian Friedman, Laurie-Ann Gibson, Dave Scott, and Cris Judd.


April & May 2008 - Studio X presents the full length show "The Lion King" to 8 sold out shows making it Studio X's most successful production to date.


December 2008 - Studio X presents "The Nightmare Before Christmas" the 5th full-length production by Studio X.


February 2009 - Studio X once again attends "the pulse" in Minneapolis, MN adding Wade Robson to the list of teachers.  Studio X also presents "Drown" in the Choreographer's Showcase and recieves special recognition for Dave Scott.


June 2009 - Studio X makes it's 3rd trip the "Spotlight Dance Cup Midwest National Finals" in Branson, MO and fail to make the top ten in any division.


September 2009 - Studio X licks it's wounds from the previous competition season and begins "A New Chapter."


March 2010 - Studio X attends "Dance Challenge" in Williston, ND and returns to the top of the competition podium sweeping all category's entered and winning best overall studio, and best choreography for "Gone" choreographed by Joshua Wise.


April 2010 - Studio X attends "Intl Dance Challenge" in Bismarck, ND and once again sweeps the entire Senior Division and win best choreography again for "9 Crimes" choreographed by Joshua Wise.