The Studio X competitive program otherwise known as the "Studio X Generation Companies," are very talented, hard working dancers, that compete in regional and national dance competitions all over the country.  The Studio X Generation Companies also perform all over Minot, the state of North Dakota and regionally, for public entertainment.  These students love of dance and their commitment to themselves, their teammates, and to Studio X is rewarded by the many awards they receive each year.  These dancers have respect from the dance community all over the country as being part of one of the top programs in the region.  Throughout their time on the Generation Companies dancers learn dedication, responsibility, teamwork, and stage presence.  These dancers and their parents become very much like a larger dance family sharing the many highs the program offers.  The Generation Companies in addition to their strenuous class schedule and competition season, perform at conventions, half times, parties, galas, community events and more all year long!




Yearly Commitment

The Generation Companies are a full year commitment.  The company season runs from June - May of the following year.  The following is the minimal classes required for each dancer by company.  Dancers are welcome to take more then the required class load, and additional classes are covered by the company tuition.


Required Classes (Sept - May)


Generation Kids: All scheduled team classes, 2 Ballet class, 1 Jazz class, 1 Lyrical class, 1 Tip Top Tech


Pre Generation, Next Generation, X Select, Teen Generation, New Generation, MVMNT, X Elite: All scheduled team classes, 2 Ballet class, 1 Jazz class, 1 Lyrical class



*Additional fees apply, such as: additional classes, costumes and props, guest choreographer fees, competition and convention entry fees, makeup and hair supplies, travel fees, etc.


How can my child join the Studio X Generation Companies? 

Auditions for the competitive program are held annually at the end of the Studio X competitive season in late July early August.


If you or your child is currently a dancer in another competitive program please call the studio:  701-839-8369 for a CONFIDENTIAL  inquiry.  You may be asked, or wish to, stop in for a confidential meeting or an informal audition.  Studio X Artistic Director, Joshua Wise will discuss all aspects of our program with the parents and dancer to answer any questions or concerns you may have.




Gen Dolls........ages 4 to 7

Generation Kids........ages 5 to 9

Pre Generation........ages 7 to 10

Next Generation........ages 9 to 12

X Select........ages 8 to 12

Teen Generation........ages 10 to 15

New Generation........ages 11 to 14

MVMNT........ages 12 to 18

X Elite........ages 12 to 18